It was a cool night in Oregon, rain was flowing hard and evenly as is a familiar Oregon sound.  We arrived at my apartment. It was a very cute little place overlooking a little pond in Beaverton. The rain made us sprint from the car to the door where there was an overhang. When we reached the door I fumbled for my keys as we tried to stay under cover, when I turned to him I felt his hands entangle me. The sound of the rain muted the world. There was no noise except the steady soothing whoosh only Oregon rain can make. Outdoor lights cast beams into the rain giving it a sparkle as it fell.The cool damp night air surrounded us and we began the most passionate kiss I had ever known. In that moment the world was right, I believed I was the luckiest and happiest girl in the world. It was a kiss that attached my soul to his forever. Entwining two souls into one, the depth of it almost knocked me off my feet. It that moment I knew I had fallen in love with this man, that I was destined to a life with him.

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